a letter by Vanja

Hi people,

this is one of the funny events which we could link to the IMF-WB interest sphere and relates the country that will host the IMF/World Bank meeting next year.

Apparently, the Czech group which was in charge to bring to Washington (for the annual meeting of the magic twins), the promotion material about Czech Republic who will host the event the next september in Prague, made some small strategic mistake. Among the beautifull catalogued country sights, the nice Prague monuments there was also a well prepared Prague bordel's inview,for all the tired bankers, when they will be exausted from neverending talking. Of course ,when the IMF close secretariat, saw the women-supply inside the catalogue, was astonished and cut it out of the catalogue. This is the simplest difference between the east and west.The east does apparently not hide the obvious characteristic of the cold blooded-meetings, which should be hidden, not in any case ammoral.

Hmm... the Czech government is making big efforts, like the $100 milion which should go for the preparations, including the renovation of the congress palace and the side buildings which will host the apparently 20 000 bankers from 182 states.

A strange investment for the ex comunist country like Czech Republic, as the latter apparently failed in converting its currency to the foreign one, as requested or suggested (there is no big difference) by the Fund and finds itself in economic stagnation. Even in the EU high boards Czech Republic is now the black sheep... its apparently far from satisfying economic conditionalities for the EU.

Anyway who believes in the possibility of any of the ex comunist regimes to be a member once in a while.Only the regimes. But its just a big lie in my view. Maybe some of the countries like Poland, Hungary... can hope for moreinvestments, as their markets are big enough and the labour is cheap, as well as Estonia...Slovenia on the other hand is a kind od black sheep as well according to what the economic experts say. Due to its weak and slow process of denacionalisation and administrative jurisdiction sector restructuring. Even though is the reachest eastern country, the labour costs more and the market is small,the enterprises should shift into the administrative technology sector, as there is nothing to eat from what we basicaly can export. And plus, we have the so much disputed nuclear reactor on the earthquake zone. I shouldn't even mention Cyper, which is practicaly a war country - i mean there are blue velvets there in the middle and the angry cypro turks versus sypro greeks, plus noone wants to regard turkish cyper as a country and Turkey will not want greek cypriots in EU.... what is to be negotiated here...

And Slovakia, and Latvia... Maybe this is enough as i shifted a bit but its worth speaking about this millenium trapps of the ex OECD prophets like Kohl... Anyway there will soon sart the discussion list on the preparation of the IMF counter events in Prague 2000 organised by the groups in Cz, so welcome on the list which is still sleeping at this stage:

Ciao, Vanja

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Last modified 20th October 1999.